When should I expect my shipment
For now all orders are shipped out on Mondays, Wednesday, and Saturdays. Orders that are completed before noon, will go out the next shipping day/time. Example: if you order Friday before 12 your order will go out on Saturday. If you order Friday after 12 your order will go out the following Monday.
How to use Nurture Water Locking Gel?
Use on dripping wet hair. It’s a water locking gel. It needs water.
After shampooing and conditioning (preferably one with little to no oils) apply Nurture Water Locking Gel at the ends in a smoothing motion but avoid squeezing water out and work your way up. Add more to parts that didn't get enough -- the hair should feel drenched. Smooth hair using your fingers or our favorite shampoo brush. Follow up with your fingers to prevent clumping.  You can allow the hair to air dry, diffuse it, or use a hooded dryer. When your hair is completely dry, carefully shake, and/or separate your curls to your desire.

Does Nurture contain silicone?
Yes. Nurture has an ingredient called dimethicone which can be easily washed out with a sulfate shampoo which we encourage.   The biggest complaint about silicones is they leave build up behind.  Guess what mostly all ingredients do that.  Silicones are no different than anything else you use.  It's just the ingredient that has been made the bad guy for marketing purposes.  However if you shampoo, you will wash away the build up from all the ingredients that are leaving build up behind including the silicone.  Dimethicone, in our water locking gel helps with slip and is one of the ingredients that contributes to a barrier that keeps water in the hair strands.  Despite popular belief silicones are completely safe for your hair.  Dimethicone has been a staple in many cosmetic products for years.  At Nurture Hair Care we don't follow trends we formulate products that actually work.  

What is the Nurture philosophy?
Our products are based off of science and nature -- because you need a little bit of both to nurture the hair! It’s like medicine, sure you will do some holistic things -- but if you really get sick, you’re going to the doctor! We are not into the flip-flopping good/bad ingredient trends. We are consistent. We are professionals and have been doing naturally curly hair for a long time. We are not new to naturally curly hair. Our focus is results. To learn more, join our virtual salon for curly-hair education.

Is Nurture Healthy Curls safe to use on children?
Yes! We have children and we use Nurture on their hair too. 

Do you recommend the use of hair oils?
Nurture Hair Care is an oil-free company. We believe that oils (of all types) block natural hair from achieving hydration. 

Who is Nurture Healthy Curls intended for?
Nurture is intended for anyone who desires to go from kinks to hydrated, long-lasting curls. Nurture's water-locking technology offers a one-product solution for achieving wash-n-go curls!
Does Nurture offer refunds/returns?
Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds/returns. However, prior to your purchase, we offer videos, educations, and in-person salon services to ensure your satisfaction with our product. If you are unsure, just reach out to us before you commit to your purchase. 

What if my product is defected or arrives broken -- can I get a replacement?
Yes! While we don't offer refunds/returns, we have a shipping guarantee that you will receive your product(s) in good condition.

Can I do a twist-out or other styles with Nurture?
Give it a try! However, we've got something extra special coming for other styles, such as twist-outs. I hope you signed up for our mailing list!

Do you have wholesale?
Not yet! Stay tuned -- because retail is coming for salon professionals; and select retailers.

How long will my Nurture'd hairstyle last?
While the answer varies, our Salon clients see us 2x per month for new styles using Nurture. To get the most out of your Nurture'd curls, please join our Virtual Salon, and if you can make it to Florida, come see us! 

How can I contact customer service?
Send an email at customerservice@nurturehaircare.com. 
Please note that our available hours are Monday-Friday. We promise that when we see your inquiry we will respond to it. We are a small team, so your patience with us is more than appreciated. No salon calls please. The salon and Nurture are two separate teams. 

Do you have international shipping?
Yes! Nurture is shipping world-wide.

What if I put in the wrong address?
We will be happy to change it before it ships out but once it ships out there’s nothing we can do. It is your responsibility to check to see if your address is correct. Unfortunately, we will not be able to send you a replacement. 


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